Discover CLB'S Latest December Promotion...

CLB’S December Promotion…

23rd November 2020

Restore | Cleanse | Relax

Unwind In Our Luxurious Couples Suite.

Christmas is nearly here and we want to give you an early Christmas present, CLB’s December Promotion.

CLB’s December promotion is a bespoke treatment that invigorates skin with unrivalled luminosity whilst plumping and hydrating your face. An invigorating rose infused GUA SHA facial massage will sculpt and remove toxins resulting in total radiance within your skin.

Also combining a foot grounding therapy treatment using the ancient art of healing, a practise that has been used for over five thousand years. By applying pressure to reflex points which are mapped out on your feet, reflexology activates the nervous system to clear any blockages in corresponding areas of the leg and foot. Stress reduction with improved circulation encourages the body to return to normal functioning and promotes deep relaxation.

This offer is only available to book throughout December. You can also book with a plus one in our couples suite.

Time: Treatment lasts 55 minutes

Price: ยฃ45.00

Suffering with dull, dehydrated skin?

This offer is a great treatment to help with many skin concerns. When the colder months creep in our skin needs some extra tender loving care. Regular facials deep cleanse, detoxify, reduce stress, reduce future breakouts, nourish and hydrate your skin.

How often should you get a facial to reap maximum benefits?

Chloe Reveals All.

With so many advanced facials on the market it does seem like the level of popularity and innovation of professional facials is at a all time high.

Whist there is always a constant stream on Instagram for online, do it yourself skincare videos, it is worth investing in regular facials for your skin?

“I always recommend clients have facials once a month, nothing you do at home can replace a professionals attention to detail and experience.”

Once a month is the ideal time frame as our skin cell turnover cycle is 28 days. Not all facials are designed the same as there are so many different skin types and concerns, however here at By Chloe Leah Beauty, Chloe has carefully designed and thought about this so we have a full list of facials to suit all skincare needs.

Please BOOK a complimentary skin consultation with Chloe or one of the other therapists if you would like some guidance.

We are open for bookings from the 3rd of December and we all cant wait to get back to work and see our lovely clients again.

Zara McDermott, Star of Love Island and Made in Chelsea

Before lockdown, Chloe carried out a bespoke facial on Celeb Zara. I chose the Radiant Rose Quartz Facial using the Gua Sha tool. Followed by Glycolic acid peel and LED Light Therapy using the red light to promote healing and induce collagen.


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