Date Night Ideas With CLB

Date Night Ideas With CLB

18th October 2019

Are you bored of your normal date nights?

Are you wanting to try something new with your partner?

Let CLB help with some date night ideas.

Couples massages and facials can be a unique way to have a date night or spend time with your partner. They’ve got more relaxation value than a dinner or a movie. What a great way to take care of yourselves as individuals and as a couple, at the same time!

It’s a relaxing, soothing, and romantic self-care experience for a couple to enjoy together. The indulgence is actually weighted in quite a few benefits — not just for your physical and mental health, but for the health of your relationship, too.

Here are some of the relationship benefits to getting a couples massage:

Do something new: 

Couples who experience new things together, such as massages, bond more closely with each other and encourage more rewarding connections. Trying new ways of getting to know each other is key to a long and happy relationship.

Enjoying the present: 

Massage encourages couples to embrace the present. During a massage session people are almost instinctually driven to let go of the past and the future and turn their attention to the present moment. This practice of being fully engaged in an activity together that can help couples reconnect, and with a little effort, they can bring that same level of mindful awareness to their time outside of the massage.

Increasing affection: 

Massage increases feelings of affection and intimacy by releasing oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine in the body, helping couples feel connected and happy both during the massage session and after.

Spending time together: 

Most couples struggle with making time in their busy schedules to spend quality time together, and a couples massage can be a wonderful way to purposefully and intentionally reconnect.

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We have the perfect room for both yourself and your partner to experience these couples treatments together.

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