Glycolic Acid Peels – Everything you need to know

18th November 2020

Glycolic Peel And Reveal Facial

Glycolic Acid Peel Facials – This one pro treatment can cure a host of common skin conditions.

For some people, skincare is a second language. For others, beauty buzzwords are confusing and vague and leave them feeling unsure and intimidated-especially when it comes to the varied categories of exfoliants-so CLB are here to help.

One such treatment that has exploded in popularity in recent years is glycolic acid peel facials. But what is a glycolic peel exactly? And what can it do for our skin that maybe other treatments can’t.

Glycolic acid has a small molecular structure, giving it the ability to travel deep into the layers of the skin. Once it’s there, the acid dissolves excess sebum and dead skin cells, revealing smoother, brighter and younger-looking skin.

The benefits of CLB’s Glycolic Peel and Reveal Facial are;

Reduces any hyperpigmenation

Evens out skin tone

Smoothing fine lines and wrinkles

Adding glow to the skin

Reducing scarring from acne

Helps to calm acne and reduce future breakouts

Stimulates the natural collagen production

Will reduce and minimise pores

What does a glycolic peel do to your skin?

Glycolic acid peels slough off the surface and middle layers of skin, removing dead skin cells and debris. Since glycolic acid is made up of small molecules, it readily penetrates skin, removing the lipids that hold dead skin cells together.

How often should you have a glycolic peel?

Glycolic acid peels have a cumulative effect and are recommended once every other week for a total of 8-10 treatments. Once you‘ve completed 8-10 treatments and are seeing good results, a maintenance treatment of one peel a month is all that’s needed.

How does a glycolic acid peel work!?

Chemical peels in general are used to exfoliate the skinโ€”so a glycolic acid peel is “a concentrated glycolic acid that can range in percentages to gently exfoliate the upper layer of the skin.



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