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Chloe, director of CLB is trained in the use of Advanced Aesthetics, Injectables & Fillers. Chloe also specialises in microneedling and anti ageing treatments for the face and body.

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If you are considering having injectables or Dermal fillers, but your a little nervous or perhaps unsure? Why not book a complimentary consultation with Chloe to discuss any concerns or questions you may have.

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What are lip fillers?

Lips lose definition and fullness over time. Lip filler can replace lost volume and give definition. Your lips will be soft to the touch without looking as if they’ve been done. Treatments given over a period of time will allow you to build up your desired look to create lips that you’ll love.

What happens in the treatment?

Lip fillers deliver almost immediate results (within 48 hours). A medically developed semi-permanent solution is injected into the lips to enhance their natural shape and plumpness. This type of filler is based on hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar which is found in the body. This has been purposely designed to make sure that you will have a natural look whether you are laughing or smiling.

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£150.00 & £200.00

Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers can be dissolved using an enzyme called Hyaluronidase. This enzyme naturally occurs in our skin but can be injected at higher concentrations in order to rapidly remove unwanted filler. Lip filler dissolving can also be used by clients who want to reduce the volume of their lips and go back to the more natural look.

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Lidocaine injections offer extra pain relief for clients who would like that little bit more. The effects last longer than the Lidocaine numbing cream and help to control pain at the injection points for dermal lip filler.

Simply add this service when booking your Dermal Lip Filler treatment.


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This is using Botox to slightly lift the eye area and brow.

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We inject just above the lip and areas around to pull the lip down so when you smile your gums aren’t showing.


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A lip flip is a non surgical procedure that makes your lips appear fuller. Chloe will inject the corners of your mouth and the edges of your lips, if numbing cream is needed we can also apply however isn’t usually needed.

Treatment lasts around 3-5 months.

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To remove the nose crinkle lines using a botox injection.

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What are Naso Filler injections?

The nasolabial fold is the deep crease running from either side of the nose down towards the corners of the mouth. Everyone has these wrinkles to some degree, but they tend to get deeper with age, along with other factors.

Deep nasolabial folds can be corrected through injections of dermal filler into the surrounding area, restoring the lost volume and softening the appearance of these creases.

The aim of nasolabial fold injections is to even out the skin volume, leaving you with a smoother, refreshed-looking appearance.

Do Nasolabial fillers last?

Fillers for nasolabial folds are long-lasting although they won’t provide any permanent results. Overall, these injectables last between 6 and 18 months.

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What are Marionette line fillers?

The Marionette lines usually are a later stage of ageing and rarely occurs due to hereditary reasons. They are the lines that you see from the lips to the chin, laterally circumscribe around the chin. Filler will add volume and definition back into the face.

Does Marionette line Filler last?

Fillers are long lasting although they won’t provide any permanent results, overall these injections can last between 6 and 18 months.

Treatment for Marionette lines range from non surgical face lifting treatments or Dermal fillers which add volume. We also recommend our Cryostar Facial which will sculpt and lift this particular area of the face.


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Why do I need anti wrinkle injections?

Wrinkles are frequently caused by repetitive movement of the muscles that we use to form facial expressions and while we all need facial expressions to convey emotions. As we age, repeated use of some of these muscles can cause lines that are undesirable. ​

What do they do?

Injectable treatments are tailored to each individual and when injected just under the skin cause the surrounding muscles to gently relax. This reduction in muscle activity around the areas where the skin shows lines and furrows prevents the skin from creasing and gives it time to naturally recover its youthful appearance. The lines soften and fade away leaving younger, firmer looking skin.

How long will they last?

Results are visible in 2 to 14 days and last approximately 3 to 6 months.

What are the risks?

As with any cosmetic injectable treatment, line and wrinkle reducing procedures carry a degree of risk of complications. These will be discussed with you at consultation, prior to any treatment being agreed. Adverse events are uncommon, usually occur within a few days of treatment and are expected to be temporary, usually resolving spontaneously within weeks. Aftercare advice designed to minimise risk and promote speedy recovery from any expected side effects will be provided at your treatment appointment.

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£180.00, £260.00 & £310.00

As we age the mouth can take on a downturned appearance. A downturned mouth can be treated with muscle relaxing injections. The injections stop the DAO (depressor anguli oris)  muscle pulling down the corners of the mouth. Treatment will cause the corners of the mouth to be slightly lifted, giving the mouth a more relaxed, happy, youthful and pleasing appearance.



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This treatment is great for teeth grinding and can ease and slow down your movements. This treatment will also slim the jawline.

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This service is for mature clients having the lines and crepiness over the neck area and gives a more youthful appearance. Treatment lasts around 4-6 months.

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Baby Botox also called micro-Botox, refers to a new trend in injectables botox procedures. Baby Botox aims to add volume to your face and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, just like traditional Injectables.

This treatment is good for someone wanting to introduce themselves into the world of Aesthetics.

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This service is fantastic if you are someone who suffers with excessive sweating or simply feel uncomfortable seeing sweat patches within your clothes, the effects last between 3-4 months.

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