IPL Hair Removal

Winter Skincare – Week 6 – IPL Laser Hair Removal

23rd December 2021

IPL Laser Hair Removal

Considering IPL therapy?

You need to know that you should stay out of the sun for a minimum of two weeks prior to commencing therapy.

It is also worth noting that any useful hair removal therapy course will take anywhere between four-six weeks.

Clients should restrict their time in the sun, and should keep it to a bare minimum, for at least two months while they prepare for, receive, and recover from IPL therapy.

This is made easier as there are fewer hours of sun during this time. Also, natural changes in our behaviour and habits during colder, shorter days.

As such, the winter season offers clients the ideal time to get IPL.

First and foremost, during winter, the sun is less powerful and prominent than during summer. Temperatures also fluctuate considerably, causing us to change how much we naturally cover our skin through clothing.

The temperature and length of the day alone are enough to indicate that people will be naturally spending less time in the sun during the winter months.

Most people find themselves spending more time exercising indoors during the winter months. For example, jogging on the treadmill instead of outside.

Clients looking to maximize their results from IPL can do so by taking advantage of these natural changes in behaviour as influenced by the weather.

Moreover, the ferocity of the sun during the summer months makes skin more sensitive to photo damage. This means it is harder for the skin to prepare and heal fully from IPL therapy.

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