Massage For Mental Wellness

27th October 2019

Did you know that massage can also be an effective way to help your mental wellness?

Massage therapy is being increasingly recognised as a method to help alleviate depression and anxiety, improve sleep quality and promote overall mental wellness with a positive balance between mind and body.

Stress and the challenges of daily life can affect our mind-body connection. Stress affects the mind but also our bodies. For example, tension caused by stress, anxiety or fatigue can build up causing muscle pain, cramps, headaches, joint pain or inflammations. Regular massage therapy can help alleviate many of these symptoms.

Massage therapy helps your body to relax and deep tissue massage when applied with flow and a slow pace is relaxing. Our massages focus on completely releasing tension in your body and allowing the mind to switch off for the treatment time. If you need time to really take in the massage you can be silent or even sleep if you get into the zone. We don’t mind at all.

Mental benefits of massages:

•Creates peace of mind.
•Helps relieve mental stress.
•Creates a sense of well being.
•Creates body awareness.
•Increases awareness of the mind-body connection.
•Reduces anxiety levels.
•Enhances capacity for calm thinking and creativity.
•Positive choice when overcoming addiction.

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