Hands & Feet

Winter Skincare – Week 7 – Nails

31st December 2021


Winter-Proof Manicures 

Constant movement, over-washing, cold air, stuffy rooms, daily graft… Winter can be harsh on hands and nails. If neglected, the cold weather, freezing rain and drying central heating – and the associated moisture loss – can be a damaging combination, potentially leading to cracked, weak nails, dry skin and splits.  Seize this opportunity to book in for replenishing, protective manicure treatments – for both male and female clients and reap the rewards all year round. Finally, remember to put your gloves on, to lock in the moisture and protect against the elements!


Not only will pedicures keep you away from dryness during winter, they will also provide the necessary nourishment for your feet. The soak in our copper bowls will gently make your feet soft, while the creams applied during the process will provide necessary hydration.

Your feet are enclosed in heavier shoes and boots during the winter months and are more prone to accumulating calluses and corns. 

These not only look unattractive, but they can be quite painful and develop more problems for your feet. One important factor to keep calluses and corns at bay is exfoliation. A good pedicure includes removing hard skin on your feet and leaves them feeling silky smooth and less like sandpaper.

Regular trimming and filing will ensure strong, healthy nails and help your technician keep a regular health check on your nails. 

If you maintain at least a monthly pedicure routine, your therapist will be better able to detect any problems with your feet, including any fungal infections.

Pedicures promote healthier skin and joints. 

Pedicures should always begin with a spa foot soak to soften the skin and promote circulation in your lower leg, ankle, and foot while disinfecting your feet. A foot soak will increase circulation and reduce pain and possibly swelling in your feet due to sitting, standing, and walking all day. Pedicures will get your blood flowing. Think about it this way, with the cold temperature threatening to freeze our bodies, and we can all use a circulation boost. Does anything sound more amazing than the thought of soaking your feet in a warm copper bowl fragranced with relaxing oil?

Pedicures relax and relieve stress. 

Massaging your feet and lower legs loosens the muscles and helps with joint performance. Getting a massage after a pedicure also helps with the foot and lower leg circulation, which helps us relax and ease tight muscles, reduce swelling, and aids in improved joint mobility. The increased blood flow that comes with receiving a massage brings oxygen to the tissue in the feet and legs.

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