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9th April 2021
What Is Cryostar?

Non-invasive fat loss technology to freeze fat and shape the body that you want. Cryostar uses cold temperatures to freeze and reduce fat. Customers usually lose over an inch in the first session.

Cryostar cools the skin just enough to kill fat cells whilst improving the quality of your skin. No suction, no surgery just incredible results in 30 minutes. We recommend a course of 5 sessions for maximum results.

This technology in also incorporated into the Cryostar Facial, the facial reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst boosting collagen and improving your skin. The treatment also includes the chin sculpting, this is mostly why the Cryostar facial is so famous. As a result it can also help with calming the inflammation in acne.

Facial Picture of before and after a cryostar facial, the results are glowing
This picture was taken just after the treatment
Cryostar Body Contouring and Fat reduction
Before and After one session

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