Fat Dissolving Injections and Body Contouring

30th March 2022

Launching April

Fat dissolving injections Farnborough

What you need to know?

Fat dissolving injections are suitable for most areas of the body. The most popular and common areas to inject are, chin, inner thighs, tummy, upper arms and the back fat areas.

This treatment is a non surgical way of shaping the body by using a gel based formula solution which is injected into difficult to shift pockets of fat. Fat injections aren’t intended for weight loss, but rather for those with localised fat tissue which is not responding to a healthy diet or increased physical exercise.

How do fat injections work?

We inject using the Toskani gun which has the needles ready for each client. The procedure is generally not uncomfortable and most clients report discomfort levels of 1-3 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being severe).

While we are dissolving the fat. The solution will target the fat cells causing the body to expel the fatty acids naturally through the urine. The procedure, depending on what body area only takes around 10-20 minutes.

Following treatment, you may experience swelling and redness in the areas where the fat has been dissolved for a few days. This does start to settle after a few days to 1 week. You may have some discomfort but this is not usually severe and from our experience with clients they feel a slight light stinging feeling for 1 hour after treatment which is the dissolving solution getting to work. A little bruising is to be expected and depending on age and lifestyles bruising can take between 1-2 weeks to heal.

A low fat diet can increase the effectiveness of the treatment and no alcohol or excessive exercise for at least 48 hours. We recommend to have a light heat shower for the next two days after your treatment. We also suggest after your course is complete, 1 to 2 cavitation treatments which help to really tighten the skin.

How many treatments do I need?

We recommend to have up to 8 sessions for the maximum benefit. However, some of our clients have seen great results from 1-2 sessions. Results are permanent.

The treatment takes time to reach its full effect but clients that have undergone follow up examinations years later still show a reduction in the fatty tissue after treatment. The recommended interval between treatments is 2 weeks.

Now lets talk Cavitation Liposuction…

Ultrasonic cavitation is a cosmetic procedure used to break apart fat deposits in the body. Unlike fat dissolving injections this machine works slightly different by using radio frequency ultrasonic waves. This process breaks down fat cells turning them into protein which is absorbed by your lymphatic system and expelled via sweating and urine.

A course of at least 5-6 sessions is recommended for maximum benefit. This treatment really works at tightening and toning the skin where as the dissolving injections are more for removal of stubborn fat cells. We do recommend if you’re considering the dissolving injections to finish with some cavitation sessions to help tighten the skin.

Cavitation Liposuction is used for the following areas, chin, upper arms, inner thighs, tummy and back fat areas. You can have the treatment once a week. The aftercare is very similar to that of fat dissolving. No alcohol or excessive exercise for at least 48 hours and drink plenty of water and follow a healthy lifestyle. Results vary client to client and we always recommended to follow a course.

We offer bespoke packages. If you’re considering having Cavitation and Dissolving please enquire.

This high-performance innovative Cavitation machine tackles cellulite and stubborn unwanted curves for amazing results! We use a different part of the machine for the toning and cellulite and we recommend a course of 5-7 for maximum results. The cellulite part of the machine works very similar to the Liposuction cavitation and uses the radio frequency ultrasound waves to stimulate the collagen fibres to break the orange peel appearance down.

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