Winter Skin Care – Week 3 – Massage

24th November 2021


Having regular massages during winter keeps your body and mind healthier and happier. The longer, darker days can easily leave us feeling fatigued and gloomy. But as soon as you walk into your massage session, you are entering a warm, inviting space that will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Boosts the immune system

Winter makes us more prone to developing the cold and flu, since our immune systems are weaker during this time. Massage stimulates the lymph nodes, which allows white blood cells to defend against infections and disease. Because of this, getting regular massages during winter makes you less likely to develop a cold or have to rely on medications to fend off one.

Reduces dry skin irritation

It’s common for skin to become dehydrated due to colder temperatures, lower humidity, and indoor heating. Softer skin is just one of the many winter massage benefits that can help you feel your best! There are two reasons why massage may reduce skin irritation. For one, your massage therapist will apply hydrating oils rich in Vitamin E to penetrate deep into your skin and form a protective barrier to keep moisture locked in. Secondly, massage improves circulation – nourishing the skin cells and keeping them vital.

Improves circulation

During winter, you are more susceptible to suffer from lower blood circulation and higher blood pressure since cold weather causes blood vessels to constrict. This constriction can often lead to joint and muscle pain, resulting in that achy feeling that is common during winter. Massage therapy can help improve blood circulation and encourage blood flow to joints and muscles – relieving pain and warming up your body.

Improves mental health

It’s easy to feel down in the dumps during winter, and for some, seasonal depression is most common during these months. Massage can improve mental health by helping you to relax and reduce stress levels. When you’re in this relaxed state, the body’s feel-good hormones serotonin and endorphins are released, increasing your feelings of happiness. Having regular massage sessions during winter will help keep those winter blues away while also improving your relaxation skills so that you can better cope during times of stress.

Eases the winter aches

The cold winter weather can exacerbate any existing pains or injuries you may have, causing chronic discomfort. One of the most common complaints during winter is the presence of back pain. Back pain can interfere with our daily life, making even basic movements intolerable. If you suffer from back pain or are recovering from an injury, getting a massage can help increase blood flow and circulation, loosening muscles and lubricating joints.

Body Polish Exfoliation

Winter winds and central heating are shockers for sapping moisture from your skin and causing dry spots in unexpected places. To make sure your skin isn’t showing the effects of the colder months, our Full Body Polish Ritual will keep your skin looking bright and feeling nourished. Give your body the luxury of extra-smooth glowing skin.


Regular massage helps relieve symptoms of anxiety and stress.

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